Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Getting Distracted

I know I should really be working on finishing up the projects that are currently hanging in my closet waiting to be quilted, but I got a little distracted today. So, this is what I did instead.

These pinwheel blocks were kind of addicting once I figured out how to do them. It was a little tricky at first figuring out how to sew the pieces together and which way to press the seams. But after doing 25 of them, I think I got it. I was even able to make a really cute scrappy border from the extra material. I love it when I can use my scraps. Now, I just have to decide what color of sashing to pair with these bright and cheery blocks. I am thinking maybe a gray cotton with a linen-like texture to make it modern.

I just love a stack of finished blocks! Now that I have these blocks out of my system, hopefully I can get back to quilting those patiently waiting projects.

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