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2021 Quilty Recap

 We are just a few weeks into the year 2022 and it already feels a bit more chaotic and bustling than I would like.  As I think about my goals for this year, one thing I want to do more of is taking the time to slow down and reflect upon and fully appreciate my accomplishments. So, I'm taking a minute to recap on last year's quilting adventures and was definitely a year of tremendous growth and learning for me.  Mastering Half Square Triangles The first thing I'm super proud of is I finally learned to properly sew and trim half square triangles...I say properly because I had tried them before but honestly had no clue what I was doing, especially when it came to trimming them. In April, I joined the Better Together quilt along, hosted by Quilter's Candy , and made my first quilt consisting entirely of half square triangles. Even though I was super intimidated, I knew that the only way to conquer my fear of HSTs was to actually make them, and 400+ HSTs lat
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Ombre Ghost Quilt

 I'm a big fan of all of the Modern Holiday quilt patterns by Then Came June and Pen and Paper Patterns, and The Ghost Quilt has been on my "to make" list for awhile.  So when both of my kiddos requested a ghost quilt for Halloween this year, I excitedly began planning two different versions of this quilt!  For my daughter's ghost quilt, I planned an ombre color scheme.  I was inspired by an ombre ghost t-shirt design created a few years ago by Patchwork Threads.  Unfortunately, the t-shirts are no longer being printed, but I'm still holding on to hope that they'll be re-printed...I'd be the first in line to buy one!!  The coloring sheet included in the pattern definitely came in handy...I love it when pattern writers include a coloring page!  It takes me back to my kindergarten coloring days, only now I can drink wine while I color.  When planning my color scheme, I made good use of my Art Gallery Pure Solids magnetic color chips to help me decide which c

Halloween Mini Quilts

I'm not usually a huge Halloween fan, but my kids love it so I decided to make them each a mini haunted house wall hanging for their rooms this year! I used the Mini Cottage quilt pattern from Melissa Mortenson at Polka Dot Chair. I've made this pattern before, but this time I put a Halloween spin to it, using Art Gallery's Spooky 'n Sweeter fabric line. This fabric is perfect for fussy cutting, and I love how each little window of the houses offers a different spooky surprise. I quilted each house with a simple serpentine stitch to give them lots of movement and texture. This wavy stitch is becoming a favorite quilting technique of's fast and easy but effective in adding lots of texture while still giving the quilt a soft drape. My kids are excited to hang these in their rooms! Mini wall hangings are a great way to add some holiday spirit to a room without the much larger time commitment of a full quilt. And I really love that the look

Trixie Mother's Quilt

It's the start of another school year, which is always bittersweet for me. It feels good to be back in the classroom teaching. I'm convinced my high school students are glad to be back in the classroom too even though they don't always admit it...they need routine and normalcy just as much as my little ones at home. But the start of a new school year also reminds me of how quickly the years are passing by, especially with my daughther's birthday falling at back to school time. She turned eight this year, and I knew I wanted to gift her with a special quilt. She loves cats, so as soon as I came across the "Mother's Quilt" pattern by Heather Ross, I knew it was the perfect quilt for her. The adorable Trixie fabric is one of my faves from Heather Ross and it's been in my stash for quite some time. The little mice are just the sweetest. Mice on a cat quilt is kind of ironic...but my daugther didn't seem to notice the irony! I use

LaLa Fancy Quilt and Half Rectangle Triangles

 This past year, I've been focusing on growing my quilting skills and challenging myself to try some more difficult quilt patterns and techniques.  To be honest, when I first glanced at the LaLa Fancy quilt pattern by  Southern Charm Quilts  my first thought was "That's way too hard for me."  But I decided to order the pattern anyway and dug deep to find the courage to give this pattern a try, and I'm so glad I did!   This quilt calls for half rectangle triangles (kind of like a cousin to the half square triangles).  This was my first time making them and I'll admit I was a little intimidated considering that it wasn't that long ago that I mastered half square triangles.  However, if you order the pattern, Melanie at Southern Charm Quilts includes a video tutorial in the pattern for making half rectangle triangles that makes it super approachable and not scary at all.   I did order the half rectangle triangle ruler (which Melanie sells in her shop ( Meande