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Baby Sewing

I made a few burp cloths to go along with a baby quilt for my cousin and she liked them so well that she asked me to make her some more. She is expecting her third little girl in October. I have a ton of girly fabrics, so it was easy to pick out colors. Now she can burp (the baby) in style! These were fun and fast to make, which makes them perfect for gifts. I hope she likes them as much as I do!

A Girl Can Dream

Oh sewing machine, how I miss you. School is fully back in session and I am again immersing myself in reading and paper-writing. In the midst of all this craziness, my husband and I have just put our house on the market. So, what was once my sewing space (a.k.a. dining room) has had to be packed away for a little while as we show our house to prospective buyers. It is kind of strange seeing my dining room looking like a dining room again. I sort of miss all the loose threads littering the floor, the fabric dust, and scraps hanging over the chairs. But, I know this neat, organized, boringness is only temporary. In the meantime, I thought I would share what my ideal sewing space might look like. Check it out and be inspired! How cool is this table? I'm not crazy about pastels, but there is something very relaxing and homey about this space. Talk about organized. I could do some serious work here. My patterns would look great in those decorative binders! It may be smal