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Lola Dutch...I Love You “Sew” Much!

Ever since I was little, I have loved books and reading.  When I was growing up, my older sister used to read The Chronicles of Narnia to me, and I can remember begging her to read just one more chapter, then another...and another.  Now, as a mom one of my favorite things to do with my kids is go to the library to pick out books and I look forward to reading with them every night before bed.  I love watching them carefully peruse the library shelves on the hunt for the perfect son has been into Dog Man lately and my daughter's latest obsession is Mo Willems' Elephant and Piggie series.  But we also have those special books that we keep coming back to again and again, and one of those is Lola Dutch .  So when I discovered Sara Jane came out with a fabric line based on her Lola Dutch books, I had to have it!  And create something special with it!  My daughter loves hanging artwork in her room, so I decided to make her a cute little wall hanging for the reading corne

Nine Years and Counting

It’s been nine years since I started my quilting journey...a lot has happened in nine years!  I’m now a busy mom of two, about to start my ninth year as a high school Language Arts teacher (yes, I started quilting about the same time I started teaching!), and even though I’ve gone through periods where I haven’t done much if any sewing, I’ve never stopped loving quilting.  My sewing room has truly become my happy place.  When I’m in my sewing space, the world around me disappears for a little while...which has been especially comforting in these past five months of craziness we’ve all been experiencing.  I’ve definitely been taking advantage of extra time at home by finishing up old projects, decorating my space, and dreaming up new projects.  As I was going back through my old blog posts, not only was I amazed at how much I’ve learned over the past nine years since starting my quilting journey, but also how much I am still learning and growing as a quilter.  And I think that’s one of