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Tea Cup Blocks

I'm a big coffee and tea drinker and in my opinion you can never have enough mugs, so when I saw Lori Holt's Good Morning Mugs tablerunner kit at the Fat Quarter Shop, I knew I had to make one for my table!  I spent a day at my mom's house cutting out the pieces...there was a lot of cutting for this project.  Cutting is not my favorite part, so I was glad to have some company while I cut.  And my mom helped me organize all my pieces on my design board to make it super easy when I was ready to start sewing.  I used my diagonal seam tape when sewing the stitch and flip blocks...this makes it easy to keep your lines straight without having to mark the fabric. Seriously such a time saver!  I still have 4 blocks to go...I've been trying to go really slow and focus on precise sewing, which I sometimes struggle with.  I tend to have a lead foot when it comes to sewing, so I usually have to physically adjust the speed on my machine to force me to go slower.  It definitely makes

Quilts Made to be Loved and Used

I realized that I have several finished quilts that I haven't shared on my blog yet, so I took advantage of a beautiful sunset last night and photographed them.  I pieced these quilts, but my mom took them to a long arm quilter to have them custom quilted, and they turned out beautiful!  I typically like to quilt my own quilts if I can, but sometimes it's fun to do something different than what I'm used when life gets busy sometimes I just need to get some projects off my to do list.  I love the way the neutral gray sashing on this quilt makes the bright colors pop!  The piecing of my blocks was very random, which adds to the modern look of this quilt.  This second quilt I pieced with one of the very first fabric lines I fell in love with as a new quilter...Soul Blossoms by Amy Butler.  I tend to gravitate towards bright colors in my fabric choices...but I also like to use a neutral gray or white sashing between my blocks to give the eye a space to rest.  Both of

Two Mini Wonderland Cottage Quilts Finished!

 The kids headed back to school this week so I took advantage of some extra time to myself and finished up these Wonderland Cottage quilts!  They are too cute and I can't wait to hang them up on the wall.  I decided to keep the quilting simple with 1 inch spaced straight lines.  I used painter's tape to help me keep my lines evenly spaced.  This is a trick I learned a long time ago when I was first learning to quilt, and I've used it ever since.  I've also learned I can line up the inside edge of my walking foot with the edge of the painter's tape which allows the stitch line to fall slightly to the right of the painter's tape and I don't have to worry about my needle getting stuck on the tape.  The hardest part is getting your tape perfectly straight the first time because all other lines will be based off of the very first quilt line. But once you have the first line quilted, you just move your tape and keep going.  After quilting about half of the quilt,

Wonderland Cottages

Two Mini Wonderland Cottages up on the design wall today!  I love how these turned sweet for a little girl's room.  I bought this vintage teapot at a thrift store with my sister last made me think of Alice in Wonderland, so I knew I wanted to photograph it with these little quilts!  My daughter is having an Alice in Wonderland themed birthday party in a couple of weeks, so I'm hoping to get these quilted and binded in time for our tea party celebration.  It's hard to believe she's going to be seven and starts first grade next week...time slow down! 

Slow but Steady Progress

With summer winding down and school getting ready to start again, I feel like I haven't made much progress on my sewing projects lately.  But I've been trying to snatch an hour here or there to sew and I've also spent some time making small changes in my sewing space to make it more inspiring and functional for me.  I finally got a design wall hung up to help me visualize projects I'm working on! My Matilda WIP quilt is hanging on it now.  I love how the applique book blocks turned out! Stitching the applique blocks is the next step. I've also been working on a few more mini Wonderland Cottage Quilts...I think Melissa Mortenson's Wonderland II fabric line is one of my all time favorites!  I always loved Alice in Wonderland growing up and this fabric line with its metallic accents is such a perfect representation of Alice's adventures in Wonderland...the bunnies and teapots are my favorite, but all of the fabrics work so well together!   So naturally, I had t

Bow Tie Doll Quilt

Between cancelled vacation plans, having to wear masks everywhere we go, and not being able to enjoy a lot of our normal summer activities, it's easy to overlook the positives that are undoubtedly surrounding us during this summer of quarantine and social distancing.  One positive I'm choosing to focus on is the extra time and energy it's given me to finish up some long forgotten projects.  I actually pieced this quilt top nine years ago, and after brushing off the dust I finally quilted it!  Better late than never!  I like that the bow tie quilt block is a traditional block that can be made to look more modern with your choice of fabrics.  You can also completely alter the look of your quilt by switching up the direction of your bow tie blocks...they're actually kind of fun to play around with to see how many different looks you can create.  However, matching up those seams was tricky, and it's far from perfect.  I think this quilt tells the story of my journey of