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Strip Piecing Problems

 Have you ever had one of those sewing days where nothing seems to go right?!  Today, I woke up with lots of creative energy, thinking that I was going to get a lot done in the sewing room...hah!  Joke's on me...things didn't really go as planned.  When I started piecing my strips together for the Cat Walk quilt I've been working on, I noticed right away that something wasn't right.  After a few rows, my strips started to bow, like a big fat frowny face...not good.  Thanks to my good friend, Google, I did some troubleshooting and discovered some tips to prevent this problem.  I really haven't pieced a strip quilt before so this was new to me.  According to some sources I found via Google, I needed to alternate the direction I was sewing for each row, and use my walking foot to make sure my fabric was feeding evenly.  After adjusting my stitch width with the walking foot to make sure I still had a 1/4 inch seam, I tried a few rows, and it went better.  But I still ha

Teacup Table Runner

 I finished quilting and binding my teacup table runner this weekend!  I washed it right away so I could get it on my table and it looks so cute with my teacup plant!!  I'm just starting to get my fall decorations out, and even though this table runner isn't the traditional fall colors, it adds some much needed warmth and cheeriness to my dining room!  I kept the quilting simple with one inch spaced straight lines.  This is my go-to quilting method for most of my quilt projects, and the painter's tape makes it so easy to keep the lines evenly spaced and straight.  On the back, I used the Quilted yardage from Lori Holt's Vintage Happy 2 line, which makes it easily reversible.  Of course, my mini me was busy creating her own little world today while I sewed.  She set up a sewing studio for her dolls and she was so excited that she even had a little cart just like mommy's to store her fabric scraps in!   Her cart, however, is a lot more organized than mine!  I just lov

Self Care in the Sewing Room

 I've been back to teaching in person classes for the last few weeks.  Even though the days have been long and stressful and I come home exhausted most nights, I'm glad to be back with my students doing meaningful work.  Being back in class, it's made me realize how much we all need social interaction with other people.  Students might not admit it but they're glad to be back too.  But it's definitely going to be a challenging school year...anxiety and stress are at an all time high for teachers and students.  Self care is more important than ever, which is why I made it a priority to spend some time in my happy place this weekend.  I started cutting out a new project! I love the feeling that comes with starting new projects...even though cutting is not my favorite part of the quilt process, there is something thrilling and rejuvenating about cutting into a stack of fabrics for the first time.   My daughter is obsessed with cats...we call her the cat whisperer becau