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Never Enough Buffalo Plaid

 When I first decided to make these buffalo plaid quilts for the kids, I really didn't expect them to be so excited to receive them.  They were super patient watching me piece and quilt them throughout the month of November, but once the quilts were finished and in the wash the kids could hardly wait for them to come out of the dryer.  And they've been sleeping with them every night since.  💝 I had so much fun making these...sometimes simple patchwork makes the best kind of quilts.  And buffalo plaid is a classic pattern that will never go out of style.   The best thing about these quilts is definitely the flannel backs.  They are so warm and cozy.  It makes me want to back all my quilts in flannel.   I love a good sunset quilt picture.  You can see our sweet cat, Cookie, in the background of this picture...she's an outdoor cat, but she thinks she belongs inside the house and loves all the soft snuggly blankets.  I'm sure she was just waiting for me to lay this quilt d

Christmas Patchwork Plaid

 It feels so good to finish another quilt top!  I took advantage of the gorgeous light tonight and bribed my daughter to snap some sunset pictures for me (she wanted hot chocolate...she's not too hard to bribe 😆).  You can't tell by these pictures, but it was actually freezing fingers were numb after only a few minutes. 😳 You can totally see my giant shadow holding up the quilt, but I love the way the sun shines through the quilt almost makes it look like stained glass and showcases the beautiful plaid pattern created by the color arrangement of the fabrics.   I'm thrilled with the way this quilt top turned out and I can't wait to get it quilted.  On to the next project...which I confess I've already started cutting out.  I just may be Christmas sewing clear until July, and I'm totally ok with that!  

Festive Christmas Patchwork

 I've been spending lots of time in the sewing room the last couple of weeks and it feels good to get some projects checked off my list!  I finished quilting the buffalo plaid Christmas quilts for the kids, which I'll share in another post.  I also started sewing together my Christmas Patchwork Plaid quilt from Maker Valley.  When I first saw this quilt from  Maker Valley  I fell in love with the design.  It's a simple patchwork quilt, but the way the colors are arranged creates a plaid pattern...which I think is such a creative idea!  There are 238 squares in this quilt 😲, but once I finished cutting it out, the assembly went surprisingly quickly.  I think I had the most fun just arranging the squares on my design wall (there were three rows that wouldn't fit).  I still have a few rows left to sew, but I'm loving how it's turning out so far.  And I'm getting lots of practice nesting those seams!  This will be my third Christmas quilt, but the first one I&#