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Happy Christmas Quilt Top Finish and First Ever Half Square Triangles!

 One of my goals last year was to learn to sew half square triangles.  I've been quilting on and off for 9 years, and until recently had never sewn a single half square triangle 😲...I honestly don't know why I was so scared of them.  I think partly it was just the thought of trying something new that I had never done before.  New things are always scary, but as I get older I'm realizing how silly and restrictive it is to hold on to limiting beliefs such as "It's too hard" or "I don't think I can do that." So, I knew I needed to get over this fear, and I'm so glad I did because this Happy Christmas quilt is one of my favorites that I've ever made in my 9 years of quilting.  This was another kit from  Maker Valley   It included over 100 different fabrics and was so fun to put together!  The candy cane stripe border consisting of lots of half square triangles totally makes the quilt in my opinion.   I think I made over 60 of these half squa