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"I Heart You Quilt" (Girl Version)

 This is the second "I Heart You" quilt I've made and I don't think it will be the last!  It's such a fun pattern by Then Came June .  I actually started making these blocks before I started on my son's heart quilt, and I'll admit I was struggling at first.  My heart points weren't matching perfectly and my blocks were turning out a bit wonky.  It took some practice, but with each heart I got better at matching the seams and I started to enjoy myself a lot more.  For this pink, girly quilt top, I mixed some of my favorite Heather Ross fabrics along with a few other prints from my stash.  The Trixie fabric line by Heather Ross consists of the sweetest little mice, strawberries, and ginghams.  I've been hoarding these fabrics for years and was just waiting for the right quilt to use them up.   The Trixie line reminds me of one of my favorite book series that my daughter and I have read, Heartwood Hotel by Kallie George.  It's about an animal hot

"I Heart You" Quilt (Boy Version)

 I love all of the Modern Holiday quilt patterns by  Then Came June and Pen + Paper Patterns!  One of my goals this year is to make one of each Modern Holiday quilt for each one of my kids...I have two kids, a girl and a boy.  I sometimes struggle with choosing more "boy" themed fabrics.  When selecting fabrics, I tend to go with whatever I'm drawn to...which is usually bright colors, florals, and both modern and vintage prints.  But when I quilt for other people, I try to think about what they would like as well.  When I saw Riley Blake's Wild at Heart fabric line, I knew my son would love the bears and animal tracks so that's what I picked for my boy version of the "I Heart You" quilt pattern!   The most challenging part of this quilt was getting all the heart points to match up perfectly...I got better with each heart, but they're still not perfect.  I'm still learning to embrace all the imperfections of my quilts.  I know when a quilt is fin

Clamshell Quilting with a Walking Foot

 I stepped out of my comfort zone and tried something new yesterday...clamshell quilting with my walking foot!  I've been wanting to try this ever since I read about it in Jacquie Gering's book, WALK.  If you're interested in machine quilting with your home sewing machine and you haven't read this book, go order it from Amazon now!  It seriously is so inspiring!  I've been quilting with my walking foot for almost ten years now, but I've mostly only quilted using straight vertical or horizontal lines.  Until I read Jacquie's book, I honestly had no idea how many different quilting designs are possible with a walking foot.  There are so many great ideas in this book!  I'm not going to lie, this clamshell quilting wasn't exactly easy, but I did get the hang of it after several rows.  It definitely took some practice to know when and how to turn the quilt to result in curved lines with the walking foot.  I spent a whole day quilting, and still only got a