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2021 Quilty Recap

 We are just a few weeks into the year 2022 and it already feels a bit more chaotic and bustling than I would like.  As I think about my goals for this year, one thing I want to do more of is taking the time to slow down and reflect upon and fully appreciate my accomplishments. So, I'm taking a minute to recap on last year's quilting adventures and was definitely a year of tremendous growth and learning for me.  Mastering Half Square Triangles The first thing I'm super proud of is I finally learned to properly sew and trim half square triangles...I say properly because I had tried them before but honestly had no clue what I was doing, especially when it came to trimming them. In April, I joined the Better Together quilt along, hosted by Quilter's Candy , and made my first quilt consisting entirely of half square triangles. Even though I was super intimidated, I knew that the only way to conquer my fear of HSTs was to actually make them, and 400+ HSTs lat